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Warehousing and distribution services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Australia

Warehousing & Distribution

With an experienced warehousing & distribution team in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, AU that ensures efficiency, accuracy, speed and safety with every item that’s kept under our care. Our state-of-the-art 77G bonded and dairy-accredited warehousing facilities offer importers and exporters an efficient, one-stop solution for the storage and handling of containerised and loose goods.

Warehousing & distribution Services include 3PL, Pick and Pack, general warehousing and storage in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Australia. We can cater to for a number of different pallet size combinations from single to double pallets with racking in our facilities. We can also store larger pallet stock in our distribution centres. With our state-of-the-art inventory and stock control systems across all facilities, we can provide our customers with clear visibility of stock levels and movements down to inner cartons via online portals, apps, detailed reporting and EDI integration, ensuring product integrity and visibility at every step of the way.

Our Areas of Responsibility in Warehousing & Distribution

  • FMCG Facility
  • Full Integrated Operation
  • Full inventory stock reporting and WMS system
  • HACCP Food safety Accreditation Number 610H318
  • DAWR Dairy Export Registered EN 1841
  • Location controlled (All racked/Bulk stacked locations)
  • RF Capability (Enable Inventory real time control)
  • RF scanned (In/Location/Pick/Out)
Warehousing and distribution services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Australia

By using Arrow, we provide you with an efficient and cost-effective warehousing & distribution solution in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Australia to move containerised and loose goods away from the wharf or airport for long or short term storage by utilising our transport service and logistics knowledge. You can enjoy a streamlined experience with a one-stop solution for warehousing as well as delivery to your customer.


Frequently Asked Questions For Warehousing & Distribution

Absolutely! We take security and product integrity seriously. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, access control systems, fire detection, and suppression systems, along with a fully manned gatehouse ensuring the safety of your goods. We extensive and modern pest controls in place at all of our facilities, including a daily cleaning regime that surpasses all HACCP requirements.

Our warehouses are equipped to handle a diverse range of products, including raw materials, finished goods, electronics, food items, pharmaceuticals, clothing, machinery, food grade products (dairy – ambient only) and much more.

Certainly! We offer flexible storage solutions, allowing you to customize your storage space with options such as shelving, pallet racking, or bulk storage based on your unique requirements.

Yes, you can! We offer real-time inventory tracking through our advanced inventory management systems. This provides you with complete visibility into your stock levels, order fulfillment, and shipment status, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art TMS (AOS), we can provide full visibility within all movements of your supply chain.