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Container Transport Services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia | Wharf Cartage in Melbourne

Container Transport Services in Sydney, Melbourne, AU

At Arrow, we provide a full range of transport and distribution options across a broad range of industry segments for container transport services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia. Our wharf cartage services operate across multiple depots, located close to the wharf precincts in Melbourne, VIC, NSW, WA,  and QLD.

Our fleet of prime movers, trailers and side-loaders provides the flexibility to meet all of your import and export cartage needs.

All our vehicles are mass managed allowing for additional weights to be carried in accordance with NHVR regulations and VicRoads.

Our experienced team of fleet operators will closely monitor each job in order to make sure it remains on track and will keep you, the customer informed every step of the journey. We can tailor a solution to fit your freight needs to ensure that your delivery gets to where it needs to be smoothly and on time.

Our Container Transport Fleet Consists Of:

    • Side-loaders
    • Genset Trailers
    • Drop Decks

Service Add ons:

        • VGM (Verified Gross Mass)
        • Container Storage
        • Underbond Storage
        • Reefer Storage
Container Transport Services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia | Wharf Cartage in Melbourne

Based across multiple states our wharf cartage & container transport service in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia is backed by a centralised National Customer Service Team, with service backed by local operational experts with years of knowledge and experience.

All our customers have full use of our AOS portal including full GPS visibility at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions For Container Transport Services

Container detention is used to prevent the late return of containers. These are charges applied by the shipping lines if the containers are not returned to the designated location within the ‘free time’ period (7 to 10 calendar days, including weekends and holidays).

Arrow can handle Refrigerated containers. Containers can be powered and stored in all our depots.

A truck will deliver your 20 or 40-foot container or cargo directly to your site, without need for a dock or crane. It is an especially helpful mode of delivery when there is limited space either in front of or behind where the container is to be placed. Most side loader trucks can handle both 20 and 40 foot containers.

All containers that are exported from Australia are legally required to have a verified gross mass declared on their shipping documents.  For our customers who do not have access to a weighbridge, Arrow can offer the added service of Verified Gross Mass weighing on site at all our depots.

Containers at Patrick Terminals in Brisbane and Melbourne and VICT in Melbourne will be randomly selected for weighing at the terminals.

For containers identified by the weighing stand with a weight discrepancy variance +/- one metric tonne versus the documented/declared weights, a weight amendment fee will be incurred.

Mis-declared containers will have a charge placed on the relevant transport company for Imports or the shipping line for exports.