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  • View up-to-date Quarantine/Customs/Fumigation status.
  • Stay on top of important milestones such as container detention and unpack dates.
  • GPS tracking of container and freight loads.
  • Rate Calculator
  • Functional Reporting
  • EDI/API Integration capabilities
Arrow Transport Logistics And Quarantine Service in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Australia

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AOS How To Videos

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How to check a timeslot booked.

Need to know when your container is slotted at the terminal fast? View the link below, don’t be the last to know, as soon as wharf slot is allocated you can view in real time.
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How to find your invoice.

Missed an invoice being emailed, don’t waste time scrolling through archived emails the benefits of AOS is nothing falls out of the system you can search historic invoices and download in seconds.
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How to monitor your deliveries.

Wanting to know where your truck is and don’t have time to wait for an email response, or the patience to wonder whether what your getting told is accurate click the link below you can even watch the driver on the road approach the receiving site.
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How to update a empty collection.

Don’t delay your empty dehires by sending an email, update your empties online and tell our fleet allocators immediately this increases efficiencies ensuring your containers are getting collected and dehired as soon as possible.
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How to update a preferred delivery date & time.

Sick of sending an email waiting for a response on capacity and whether you can confirm your delivery is accepted, login to the portal today see available dates and times available to schedule yourself provide your customer’s a definitive response and lock their delivery date and time in.
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How to use the AOS rate calculator.

Want a quote, get lost adding up the line items of what is applicable what is not, try Arrow FCL Metro calculator today enter the credentials and watch it tally up the quote know exactly how much the container delivery will cost no more confusion.
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How to view a completed container.

Container is completed and you want to confirm the history of the container click the link below for the complete 360 view of the container movement from collection to dehire.
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How to view a FCL POD.

Need a POD no payment unless a POD is supplied Arrow has you covered as soon as a delivery is completed a signed electronic POD is uploaded to the job for your immediate access anytime anywhere.
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How to view a status of a unpack.

Want to know what is happening with your container unpack? Take the assumption and guess work out of it, login to the portal see when the Arrow team have planned to unpack, completed unpack and be able to view the photos of the unpack like you were present during it.
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How to view a unpack POD.

Need a POD From and LCL Load Delivered, login to the portal today and find it download it and send it to your client in less than 40 seconds.

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How to view live quarantine status.

Quarantine don’t take our word it anymore on your status login to the portal and see every stage of progression and keep your client informed.

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How to view the Arrow fuel levy.

Monthly fuel levy, a month passes by so quick just as you have memorised the last fuel levy it changes, now with a couple of clicks you will always have access and visibility to the current fuel levy for every state.
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How to view the Arrow terminal charges.

With no consistency to terminal charges and the frequency they increase, never be left without confirmation login to our portal to always view the most current charges and confirmation of when they were last updated.
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