2 More New Trucks

Another two brand new MB Actros 2646 LS 6×4 M-Cab just arrived and are now in the fleet bringing the total currently on the road now to 8.

Keep your eye out for them on the road.  Another 5 to go….

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Quad Quad Super B’s


The next exciting chapter at Arrow begins with the arrival of 2 new Mercedes 550 HP prime-movers and 2 set of  Vawdrey Quad Quad super B’s. (4 axles on both trailers)

In a first from the west, Arrow will be running containers into the port of Melbourne up to a gross weight of 77.5 tonne.  Close to 10 tonne greater than previous limitations.

As a start these combinations will run wharf to yard and yard to wharf 24/6.

Further opportunities to run direct from customer sites into Port have been identified with work to commence on bridge assessments and engineering in the coming weeks, which may include rural destinations with the opening of the Arrow Rural Tailgate Facility.

Arrow Designs First of its Kind Combo Truck

First of its kind combination rigid

After noticing an increased demand for container deliveries via a rigid truck, due to limited space and restricted access at customer sites that can’t cater for larger trucks plus, with a growing demand for steel unpacks and deliveries of “split” loads, Arrow recognised a significant area for innovation and have designed the first of its kind combination truck to solve these issues.

To protect steel from the elements, we incorporated a Prairie wagon curtain, which due to the concertina design, expands when transporting LCL loads of steel or other products requiring protection from the elements, to slide over to cover the goods.

When delivering a container, the curtain is retracted to allow for the container to sit nicely on the bed of the truck.

With this unique design, we can cater for different customer requirements whilst utilising the one vehicle, thereby providing cost savings and flexibility.

With this combination being on road for 2 weeks now, we are  seeing an increased demand for its use from our customers.

Once again whether it is technology, equipment, yard design or vehicles, Arrow is once again at the forefront of the transport and logistics industry and demonstrates its ability to take a good idea and make it a reality.