Arrow is a leading Australian Port Cartage, Logistics and Warehousing business, privately owned and operated since 2011. Our mission is to provide exceptional logistics, warehousing and container transport service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, AU to our clients at Arrow by strategically positioning our depots near the three major Stevedores and numerous main empty container depots across the country.

Our extensive fleet and services include:

Over 120 prime movers operating across the states.

More than 300 trailer combinations to accommodate diverse cargo needs.

A reliable accredited sub-contractor fleet.

24-hour access to all our sites for seamless operations

Mass Management to ensure safety and efficiency

Proximity to ports, enabling us to operate High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) from all our depots nationwide.

At Arrow, we pride ourselves on setting the bar high for service quality in the logistics and transport industry. Our commitment to excellent communication, proactive problem-solving, and a con-do attitude has quickly established us as a distinguished player in the port cartage market. Truest Arrow to deliver unparalleled logistics and container transport service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Australia and support to help your business thrive.