Additional Depot Site Works Have Commenced

87 Toll Drive
Architect impression of our new site

Construction has started on our second depot located conveniently across the road from our current site.  Due to growing customer demands, expansion to a second location was the natural progression to accommodate our valued customers needs.

Scraping works have commenced and pipework has been delivered for the drainage of the site.

This additional new facility will incorporate a warehouse and storage, office space and hardstand for truck and trailer parking.  This new facility now gives us an additional 10,228 m2 to work with.  We will also have our own on site fuel tank to fill up our trucks closer to home, saving valuable time sitting at the service stations around town.

Once again it is another exciting time for Arrow with our every growing fleet of Mercedes Benz Actors Trucks, Super B Double and A Double trailers, combination rigid truck all being operational and now a new facility.

87 Toll Drive
Building works in progress

Stay tuned for updates as the work progresses.